Why Manual Osteopathic Therapy?

The answer is simple: To diversify the level of expertise you provide your patients in an approach that takes you right back to your patient’s initial injury, strain, imbalance and instability then reverses it! Manual Osteopathic techniques achieve instantaneous and lasting results in gentle, yet extremely effective ways. If you talk to a manual osteopathic therapist, they will report yielding similar or better results in a fraction of the time than their prior training.

Relieve long standing symptoms: Manual osteopathic therapy techniques have been known to completely resolve chronic symptoms in patients who have sought help everywhere. How satisfying is it to be the one to facilitate notable change in a condition that a patient thought they had to live with forever?

Paramedical benefits: Manual osteopathic therapy allows your patients to tap in to their Manual Osteopathic health benefits that do not get used up at the end of each year. The majority of insurance companies and health spending accounts recognize services offered by Manual Osteopathic Therapists.

Greater Rewards: Improved efficacy enhances patient satisfaction which in turn makes you more referable (and helps boost your bottom line!).

It’s worth the investment: You already have your practice, schedule, staff, software, equipment and clientele. Now it’s time to invest in your training, which certifies you to do a whole lot more to improve your patient’s quality of life.

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