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Our Student Adviser can assist you with your Application. All programs offered are eligible for student funding. Loans to the applicant are assessed and based on individual financial need and is intended to supplement the student’s income, not to replace other financial assistance. Application forms, paper or online, are available and should be completed as early as possible to allow for sufficient processing time prior to the start of class. There is generally a waiting period of 4-6 weeks between the date of the application and when the loan money becomes available.

MOCC Bursary Program

Manual Osteopathic College of Canada offers a bursary program to successfully pursue your education while managing your finances. The bursary is for students facing unexpected financial situations or for students whose finances barely cover basic needs. Bursaries are awarded at the discretion of the Education Director.   You may be eligible for a bursary of $500 (each year) to be applied to your tuition based on the following criteria:

  • A Student is pursuing a program at Manual Osteopathic College of Canada.
  • A Student demonstrates a financial need.
  • A Student demonstrates a commitment to their education.

To apply for a bursary, students need to write a letter to the Principal explaining their need for financial assistance and why they consider themselves to be an excellent candidate to receive the bursary. Bursaries are available if you have a proven financial need. They are awarded on an individual basis upon consideration of expenses, income, family support, part-time employment opportunities, academic standing, and personal circumstances. Bursary applications need to be submitted prior to the official program start date, letter applications can be sent to: For further information please call the administrative office at 877-768-8400.

Alberta Financial Education Assistance

You may be eligible for an Alberta works grant. Grants funding is also available to Employment Insurance (EI) recipients as well as those who do not qualify for EI benefits. If you are approved for a training grant, please be advised that it can take 8-10 weeks for processing.or more information on student loans and grants contact our Student Advisor.

Forms are available from: or Service Canada

Our programs are licensed as required, so you can apply for full time funding.

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