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Why Choose MOCC

I graduated from ACMT in February 2017. I own my own massage practice and was drawn to Manual Osteopathic Therapy as a way to help set myself apart from all other therapists in being able to offer a service that is still relatively new to Canada and even newer to Western Canada. I didn’t really know what to expect when I enrolled with MOCC, I was scared and nervous and questioning whether I made the right choice…. I am so happy I made the choice to take this program. It has really helped me expand my knowledge in ways I didn’t know possible. While I just graduated from MOCC I have been implementing what I have learned in MOCC into my practice and already have a list of clients that will be seeing me as a MOT once I am ready to go!

My biggest advice to new students is don’t let the course load get you down, it is a lot of work but it is so worth it… after all didn’t you feel that it was a lot of work when you went to school for your current career? Yes, there will be tears, and struggles and you may second guess yourself, but at the end it is all worth it!!

– Marcus McNiven


The support of the team at MOCC is truly remarkable. The instructors are the kindest, most passionate, knowledgeable people I have had the privilege of learning from.  The office staff that are behind the scenes, but keeping everything working properly, are truly only a phone call or email away for anything you need.

Since my graduation from the manual osteopathic therapist program at MOCC, I have moved forward incredibly in my practice. My entire life has been changed from the experience of this past year. I feel more confident in my treatments and care of my clients and do my best to educate them on the why’s and what’s behind their pain, and how we will work together to restore their body’s innate ability to heal itself.

This 13-month journey changed and enhanced my life infinitely for the better. I encourage anyone thinking about enrolling in this program TO DO SO if you are ready to change your life for the better.

– Maureen Dick


Completion of the MOT program positively impacted not just my career but my whole mindset of making people feel better: my clients, my family, and myself. Understanding your client’s pain, helping them in a way they did not know can be treated, and the added bonus of lengthening your career as a therapist while doubling your ability to treat people. Not only it is about making an impact on client wellness but also will help you financially and could eventually open new opportunities. I started working on my own at the start of the program in August 2018. After more than a year, I am opening a massage and manual osteopathy clinic. While I practice all the techniques every module from the program, my clientele just grew so tremendously that eventually I will have to just do MOT and hire massage therapists.

My advice to people who have thought of pursuing this program, DO NOT THINK TWICE. Just do it. There is always a reason to not start it right away. But if you did, you will thank yourself and you will love yourself for not thinking twice. It is not easy. But with your perseverance it will be all worth it!

– Lianna Bergonia


A Manual Osteopathic Therapist is trained to look at the body as a whole, treating the cause of an imbalance, not the symptom.  This is a theory I strongly feel needs to be applied more in our world.  With the at home study structure that MOCC offers, I was able to learn these skills.  This course has gone beyond my expectations and has given me the tools to assist my clients in a better way of life.  I would highly recommend this College to anyone wishing to further their education and skills as a practitioner.

– Pam Fisher


I have been practicing as a Massage Therapist for a few years. I noticed that my clients would keep coming back to readdress the same issue. Most of the time massage therapy would give relief, but the symptoms would return. Last year, I was ready to serve my clients more than just temporary relief. Then, I researched the Manual Osteopathic Therapy program, and it sounded so surreal the first time I read the scope of this practice. It’s the only complementary therapy that treats the body as one unit; a therapy that understands the body and mind are connected and how to facilitate the healing process of a human body.

I am now excited and delighted to transform my practice from a Massage Therapist to a Manual Osteopathic Therapist. My clients who tried it loved it because the treatment outcomes are long lasting. It’s much more meaningful and fulfilling when I’ve received appreciation and acknowledgement from my clients.

– Serena Huynh


When I first heard about the manual osteopathic therapy course, I didn’t know much about it. I knew of some highly esteemed colleagues that were thrilled about the program. I also learnt that previously the course has been offered over 5 years as a distance learning program. I have since received treatments from one such individual with that training and I recognize most of the techniques that she uses. I originally signed up simply so that I would not be left behind in the educational realm. So that I would be competitive and able to be one of the first to offer manual osteopathy in my area, since Sherwood Park is limited in the number of therapists that they have.

I chose Manual Osteopathic College of Canada because I had taken my massage training through Alberta College of Massage Therapy when it was still Alberta Massage Training, almost 11 years ago. I thrived in the massage program with the distance learning component and even though a decade has passed, I felt that I would still be able to learn in that manner. The most important aspect in each of these courses is the ability to juggle the assignments and home study with day to day life. I was able to maintain an honors’ standing during the course while working at a clinic 3 days a week and a position in education for 27 weekends throughout the year. This was possible by having a supportive family life and an ability to prioritize assignments and studying into my life.

Since finishing the program at the end of September and getting a letter of completion before my diploma was ready, I was able to join an association and have insurance set up for the start of October. It has only been 3 weeks since I have been able to bill as a therapist, but I have had new clients that have not previously come to my clinic seek my services. They have rebooked for future appointments. These are people that were not seeking massage and I likely would not have seen them otherwise. Currently, my practice has filled 20% of my time with manual osteopathic treatments.

– T.C.