Our Office

The Manual Osteopathic College of Canada ( MOCC ) administration staff strives to relate to each student as an individual. We work hard to provide students with the information and resources needed to enrol into the program and feel supported throughout the education with MOCC. The MOCC staff consists of people whom care about the future generations of Manual Osteopathic Therapists and therefor offer genuine consideration to all communications and questions from students from enrolment to graduation.

Listed below you will find a few details regarding some of the members of our administration:

Dawn Sharman, Executive Director
Over the past 20 years, Dawn has honed her modality and instructional skills in British Columbia, Alberta, Chile and Ontario. Since graduating from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OCVMT) in 1999, Dawn has been actively involved in the massage industry. Along with instructing and supervising for many years, Dawn also led Maternity Outreach at OCVMT and developed CEC accredited courses across the Canada in Pregnancy, Infant Massage Labour Support Massage Therapy. Dawn is presently on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Council for Massage Therapy Schools and is a Surveyor for the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation. Prior to moving to Alberta in 2014 and joining the ACMT team, Dawn owned and operated Alba Healing Arts Centre, in Vernon B.C.

Janet Mwamburi, Educational Director
Janet has a Bachelor of Science Graduate from the University of Alberta: Augustana Faculty, a massage therapy graduate of Northern Institute of Massage Therapy and Alberta College of Massage Therapy, Calgary, Alberta. Janet has attained training in Osteoarticular Techniques; Myofascial Remodeling; Visceral Manipulation; Low Intensity Laser Therapy; Pregnancy Massage and Therapeutic Ball Release. She has also completed the Instructor Development Program and is certified in Basic American Sign Language. Janet became an instructor in 2012 and completed two NACC Instructor Development Programs. Janet feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to encourage manual osteopathic therapists-in-training as they pursue their dreams of helping others into health and wellness. If you asked Janet what the greatest highlight of her role is, she would say “Nothing excites me more than listening to budding practitioners talk about how their techniques effected lasting change and vastly improved their client’s quality of life. Nothing beats that!”

Richard Sefcik, General Manager
As the General Manager, Richard manages the day-to-day operations of the company working closely with the Principal and Executive Director, Student Services and Marketing/PR. Richard has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta and is continuing his education with an MBA (in progress). He has a deep analytics and strategy background that allows him to identify gaps and look for new opportunities for MOCC. Richard loves everything to do with sport and enjoys every opportunity he has to spend with his family.

Jenny Dang, Student Enrolment Officer
The Student Services Coordinator helps ensure students have a positive experience while completing program offered at MOCC. Whether it involves student funding, logins for the online learning system, MOCC email…Student Services is here to assist you along your journey.

Heather Jamieson, Student Enrolment Advisor
The Student Enrolment Department supports students for the 2 MOCC campuses, from initial inquiries about our programs and massage therapy as a career to ensuring that all potential student questions are answered effectively.

Claire MacKenzie, Marketing and Communications Manager
Claire grew up in Calgary but moved to Edmonton to complete her Marketing Degree at the University of Alberta. Claire then studied Event Management through Mount Royal University and worked as an Event Coordinator before deciding to study Visual Design at NAIT. Claire manages MOCC social media, marketing and communications. Outside of work, Claire enjoys traveling and various sports – swimming, hiking, and anything outdoors.

Anna Steen, Special Events and PR Manager
Anna has always been passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and experiencing a mind/body/spirit connection. Before deciding to go back to school and follow her dream of becoming a Massage therapist Anna was Managing one of the biggest fitness clubs in the country and teaching group fitness glasses. Anna is an ACMT alumni, alongside her current role at the college she is a practicing RMT in downtown Edmonton and teaches group fitness classes. As the Special Events and PR Manager for MOCC she travels around Alberta working with MOCC students at trade shows and hosts Open Houses at the different campuses.

Blaine Skleryk
Blaine Skleryk, BSc, MSc, RMT, COTTI, DMO, CCSE
Auditor/Subject Matter Expert

Blaine is co-founder of LaserHealth® Solutions and lives in Calgary where he has worked in his busy practice since 2004 treating a variety of chronic and acute soft tissue and joint conditions. Using a combination of manual osteopathic therapy, Hanna Somatics, therapeutic massage techniques and cold laser therapy, Blaine has helped clients find relief from chronic pain and dysfunction through a restored balance within and between all the systems of the body; musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, cranial and visceral.
Blaine is a Registered Massage Therapist, a Certified Onsen® Techniques Therapist, a Certified Onsen® Techniques Instructor, a Manual Osteopathic Therapist and a Certified Clinical Somatics Educator. Blaine holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology (1982), and a Master of Science degree in Biomechanics and Biomedical Sciences(1985). Prior to commencing his clinical practice, Blaine worked in gait assessment research at the University of Waterloo and at the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Calgary where he co-authored a number of research papers. During the 1988 Winter Olympics, he worked on a research team (sanctioned by the IOC Medical Commission) collecting biomechanical data for the IOCs sport performance library.

Company: LaserHealth® Solutions Calgary
Web: www.laserhealthsolutions.com
Phone: (403)235-2737
Email: bskleryk@laserhealth.ca

Dwayne Manary
Dwayne Manary, DC, DMO
Auditor/Subject Matter Expert

I love practicing as a Manual Osteopathic Therapist because of the whole body fluid movement approach to form and function. My personal philosophy is “Movement Is Life” and my professional purpose is to help my clients to “Do More Of What They Love To Do”.
After spending five years at chiropractic college in Dallas Texas, my wife and I moved to Melbourne Australia where I practiced for ten years. Once our children got to school age, we moved back to Red Deer where we could be close to extended family through their school years.
I am currently a co-owner of Black Rock Therapies in Red Deer Alberta where I practice as a Manual Osteopathic Therapist.

Company: Black Rock Therapies
Web: www.blackrocktherapies.com
Phone: (587)802-0840
Email: dwayne@blackrocktherapies.com