Our Mission

Our Mission

Elevate Healthcare Professionals in Canada.

Our 5 Values:

  1. Professional: Lead by example.
  2. Reputable: Inspire the nation.
  3. Collaborative: Leverage collective gains.
  4. Ethical: Be accountable.
  5. Well-being: Live well.

Our Pledge:

Pledge to Students:
MOCC provides a collaborative, safe and positive learning environment for all students; all while delivering exceptional practical instruction. We ensure students receive relevant hands on experience and make the most of their practical hours.

Pledge to Industry:
MOCC delivers an exceptional education program to our students with in-depth theory and practical learning. Our emphasis on professionalism and ethical practices ensures our students are ready to enhance the treatment service options and availability for their patients or clientele.

Pledge to Canada:
MOCC is never satisfied with the status quo. Our programs are continually evolving to meet and exceed the expectations based on the World Health Organization Benchmark for Training in Osteopathy. MOCC produce ethical, safe, professional Manual Osteopathic Therapists that positively impact Canadians health and wellness and build trust in our communities.

Pledge to Staff:
MOCC is one of Alberta’s outstanding places to work, which is built from how we work together. This culture is reflected in our five values: Professional, Reputable, Collaborative, Ethical, and Well-being.