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Each MOCC module is instructed by a subject matter expert who specializes in the subject.

Dwayne Manary

Blaine Skleryk, BSc, MSc, RMT, COTTI, DMO, CCSE

Role: Instructor – Osteoarticulations

Email: blaine@moccanada.ca

Blaine is co-founder of LaserHealth® Solutions and lives in Calgary where he has worked in his busy practice since 2004 treating a variety of chronic and acute soft tissue and joint conditions. Using a combination of manual osteopathic therapy, Hanna Somatics, therapeutic massage techniques and cold laser therapy, Blaine has helped clients find relief from chronic pain and dysfunction through a restored balance within and between all the systems of the body; musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, cranial and visceral.
Blaine is a Registered Massage Therapist, a Certified Onsen® Techniques Therapist, a Certified Onsen® Techniques Instructor, a Manual Osteopathic Therapist and a Certified Clinical Somatics Educator. Blaine holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology (1982), and a Master of Science degree in Biomechanics and Biomedical Sciences(1985). Prior to commencing his clinical practice, Blaine worked in gait assessment research at the University of Waterloo and at the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Calgary where he co-authored a number of research papers. During the 1988 Winter Olympics, he worked on a research team (sanctioned by the IOC Medical Commission) collecting biomechanical data for the IOCs sport performance library.


Dwayne Manary

Dwayne Manary, DC, DMO

Role: Instructor – Involuntary Mechanisms

Email: dwayne@moccanada.ca

Dwayne is a practicing Manual Osteopathic Therapist. He loves manual osteopathic therapy because of the whole body fluid movement approach to form and function. His personal philosophy is “Movement Is Life” and his professional purpose is to help clients to do more of what they love to do.
After spending five years at chiropractic college in Dallas, Texas, Dwayne and his wife moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he practiced for ten years. Dwayne and his wife moved back to Red Deer where they could be close to extended family through their kids’ school years.
Dwayne is a co-owner of Black Rock Therapies in Red Deer, Alberta, where he practices as a Manual Osteopathic Therapist.


Dwayne Manary

Janet Mwamburi, BSc, RMT, COTT, MOT

Role: Instructor – Orientation Module

Email: janet@moccanada.ca

Janet has a Bachelor of Science Graduate from the University of Alberta: Augustana Faculty, a massage therapy graduate of Northern Institute of Massage Therapy and Alberta College of Massage Therapy, Calgary, Alberta. Janet has attained training in Osteoarticular Techniques; Myofascial Remodeling; Visceral Manipulation; Low Intensity Laser Therapy; Pregnancy Massage and Therapeutic Ball Release. She has also completed the Instructor Development Program and is certified in Basic American Sign Language. Janet became an instructor in 2012 and completed two NACC Instructor Development Programs. Janet feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to encourage manual osteopathic therapists-in-training as they pursue their dreams of helping others into health and wellness. If you asked Janet what the greatest highlight of her role is, she would say “Nothing excites me more than listening to budding practitioners talk about how their techniques effected lasting change and vastly improved their client’s quality of life. Nothing beats that!”


Sheryl Hamilton

Sheryl Hamilton, BSc, RMT, RCST®

Role: Instructor – Visceral Manipulation

Email: sheryl@moccanada.ca

Sheryl Hamilton has been in practice as an RMT since 1997, first in Toronto and then in Vancouver and now in Armstrong, BC. She has taught the anatomy and neuroanatomy components of massage therapy at both the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in New York, NY and at OVCMT in Vernon, BC. Sheryl has been developing and teaching continuing education courses to massage therapists since 2012. Her own Continuing Education training includes Visceral Manipulation through the Barral Institute and Biodyamic Craniosacral Therapy training through Body Intelligence. Sheryl brings a passion for living anatomy and the process of healing to her teaching, to facilitate ease of understanding and application for students. Sheryl is also trained as a Spiritual Director. She lives in Armstrong with her husband, two sons, poodle Orion and tortoise Flower.


Tanya Simpson

Tanya Simpson, RMT, MOT

Role: Instructor – Advanced Myofascial Remodeling

Email: tanya@moccanada.ca

Tanya is a Registered Massage Therapist and Manual Osteopathic Therapist who has practiced in both provinces. A graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2008; she developed an interest in fascia early in her career. This prompted her to pursue further study of fascia related techniques in the majority of the professional development courses she has taken. She continues to increase her expertise of fascia through studies and her practice.
Tanya currently has her own massage therapy/manual osteopathic therapy practice in Edmonton. She is excited for the opportunity to inspire other health care professionals on the importance of a healthy fascial system and teach methods to treat fascial dysfunction.


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